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: Is there an economic argument for COVID-19 boosters?


The Biden administration’s decision to make COVID-19 booster shots available to millions of vaccinated adults may speak more to the economics of the pandemic than the science.

Crypto: Crypto-trading hamster Mr. Goxx is up over 16% since June


Mr. Goxx exclusively trades crypto like bitcoin, ethereum and dogecoin.

Earnings Results: Micron earnings forecast disappoints amid concerns about memory-chip prices, stock tumbles


Micron Technology Inc. offered a financial forecast well lower than analysts expected Tuesday amid expected declines in the pandemic-influenced price of memory chips, sending shares lower in late trading.

: Amazon will feel profit pressure from higher wages and growing workforce, Morgan Stanley says


Amazon has raised wages and announced plans to add thousands of workers.

: House’s No. 2 Democrat says lawmakers considering bill that would just prevent government shutdown


Rep. Steny Hoyer's remarks come as U.S. Democratic lawmakers work to deliver legislation that would avoid a partial government shutdown by keeping the federal government funded after Thursday.

: Amazon says it’s adding a Whole Foods delivery fee to avoid raising prices on merchandise


The e-commerce giant makes the case for shopping in stores, where Amazon is investing in things like 'Just Walk Out' technology

Bond Report: Treasury yields hit the highest levels in months as 10-year rate pushes back above 1.5%


A selloff in government debt, sparked by growing inflation fears, continues to push up yields, with the 10-year Treasury rising above 1.5% after briefly breaching the psychologically important level in the previous session.

Washington Watch: Here’s what’s in the bipartisan infrastructure bill that the House aims to pass — and how it’s paid for


As Democratic-run Washington works on getting the bipartisan infrastructure bill enacted, here are visual breakdowns for the long-awaited measure's spending categories, as well as its funding sources.

The Wall Street Journal: Republicans block the latest effort by Democrats to advance debt-ceiling bill


Republicans blocked an effort by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) to raise the debt limit without any Republican votes, extending a high-stakes showdown in the Senate.

: Pelosi says Democrats discussing future debt-limit options — including trillion-dollar coin


As Democrats scramble to get a debt-limit increase or suspension through Congress, they are already looking ahead at options for the next time action is needed, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday.